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Icedale Tales

The harsh winter is turning into spring at Icedale Freeholds, the most northern county in the High Winterlands. The Finnar tribe of Kolkonkylä has divided itself into two clans, Kolkko and Särkä, to trade their latest spoils of the hunting season for various goods in Iceport and Icedale. However, even though the winter is at its end, the lands of northern Rassilon hold many dangers… and opportunies for heroes to step forward.

The Lands of Snow and Ice

Icedale Freeholds

  • Icedale
  • Iceport
  • The Icicle

Frozen Forest

Factions and organizations

  • Kolkonkylä
  • The White Rangers
  • Church of Scaetha
  • Sisters of Mercy

Main Page

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