Vilho "the Quiet"

A novitiate Hrimwisard who espaced his master, unwilling to become a "monster" in his footsteps. Now lives among the Finnar as a hunter and tracker.


Race: Human (Finnar)

Agility d6
Smarts d8
Strength d6
Spirit d4
Vigor d6

Charisma: 0/(-2)
Pace: 6
Parry: 5 (+1, gear)
Toughness: 6 +1

Survival d6………………………………………………………Stealth d6
Tracking d6……………………………………………………..Healing d4
Fighting d6………………………………………………………Persuation d4
Throwing d8……………………………………………………Hrimwisardry d6
Notice d6

Novitiate (Major)
Unwilling to use this already controversial magic to my own or even worse to Hellfrosts advantage, I escaped from my master as soon as I was able.

Loyal (Minor)
These people have given me a purpose and the crucial safety in numbers, some of them I can almost think of as friends. So I will do what I can to keep them safe.

Vow (Minor)
I will not allow this magic of mine to hurt anyone! This way I might someday be even able show them that Hrimwisardry is not inherently evil. But for this to work I will also have to punish those who missuse it.

Arcane Backround (Hrimwisardry)
At this point rather self explanatory, eh..?

The time spent surviving by myself in the north did wonders to build up physique for a young lad. Though it certainly wasn’t easy to see the upside when hunting for scraps in the year-round snow.


Of his original family there is little to know. Wether they are still alive or not, Vilho himself knows not nor does he remember much except occasional glimpses of faces in his sleep. What he remembers is being sent away to the Hrimwisard he remembers everybody fearing. Later he learned that the Master had a way of blackmailing “tributes” from families and other groups and that time he was in search of a suitably gifted child to be his apprentice.

Most of the early days of apprenticeship are a blur to him. A blur of pain, tears and rigorous training to withstand the cold required to master Hrimwisardry. As time passed by the Master grew more and more vicious to all around him. He started spending more and more time studying and dabbling with all things related to Hellfrost and it became clear that he saw aligning himself with those horrible powers as a way to strenghten himself further. Backed to a corner, and being forced to learn these things too, Vilho bided his time and escaped as soon as he was able. However he soon almost wished he hadn’t…

Having escaped his Masters hold, Vilho found himself somewhere in the northern border regions of the High Winterlands with no knowledge of his surroundings and no clear plan on what to do next. However survival soon became his one and only consern. Without his training in Hrimwisardry he would have soon perished from the cold and the lack of resources, but the aquired resistance to cold and the arcane ability to find things made it possible for him to get by. By the course of several years spent alone wandering the wilds, Vilho slowly learned the art of the hunt and following the trails left by other living things. This led him little by little on a slow trails southward always on the heels of his next meal. Until he saw something he was able to recognise only from distant memories. A travelling camp of a Finnar tribe. A great risk but one not without it’s significant advantages.

Luckily hospitality is not an uncommon trait in the north and Vilho was welcomed as a guest. Even before the expected departure time if a suitable return gift is not given, the tribe found VIlho missing from the camp and expected he had returned his travels. Later that day they however found that this was not the case when Vilho returned accompanying a hunting party that had been on the trail for a few days, carrying a share of bounty expected from a somewhat skilled hunter. This suprise was made even more pleasant when the otherwise quiet VIlho began telling stories of strange beasts and sights from in the north, first to the children of the tribe, but soon some of the grown tribesmen and women gathered to hear his tales too.

The few following years VIlho had spent with the same Finnar, the clan Särkä. Many of them find him a little strange seeing as he prefers to keep a somewhat greater distance to others (both physically and emotionally) and though he not an uncommon sight around the campfire telling his stories, a pattern of tiptoeing around anything directly related to himself is present to those with wits to notice such things. This also means that even as he is nearing his thirties he has not shown any ambition towards starting a family, another reason many in the tribe find him a bit strange. However his skills as a woodsman have earned him a quite steady place among the Särkä and he prefers to spend his time accompanying more than his share of hunting parties. And even when not initially selected as a part of such a group, he usually ends up accompanying them unless specifically ordered not to. When hunting, despite his apparent eagerness, he seems satisfied with whatever part he’s given. Even when this means no change for personal glory.

Vilho "the Quiet"

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